One of the important contributors to positive self-esteem is
 receiving attention, being heard, being listened to, feeling as
 if what one has to say is important and worth listening to.  While a person can feel better after a good talk with a friend or relative, this relief is only temporary when dealing with moderate or severe emotional distress.

  Dr. McAuley is a highly trained and experienced licensed
  practitioner who will help you resolve inner turmoil and
  promote psycho-social-emotional healing.  Dr. McAuley is a
  sensitive, caring therapist with over 25 years of experience
  treating adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  Her
  humorous, commonsense and educational therapeutic style
  promotes improved communication and relational skills.
  Whether you are in great distress or just want to learn more
  about yourself, call Dr. McAuley for a chance at a
                           happier, healthier life.
Your life has great value and you are a
                worthwhile person
                                                   -Pat Kramer